5 Ways to Improve Office Productivity

Author Maxim Tourou / Category Architecture / Published: Apr-05-2018

One of the biggest issues that employees face every day is their battle against productivity. As much as one wants to achieve more tasks, there are just things that hinder you from doing so. Now, if you want to battle that and aim to increase your rate of productivity, then you might want to stick around and read this article because we could surely help you with that.

Reasons Why Productivity Suffers

Inadequate Employee Training

Sometimes, because of how urgent they need people, companies tend to fast forward training and get their new hires into the floor. The drawback for that kind of action is that those hires might become a burden instead of becoming a solution. They would be asking too many questions or making a lot of mistakes that the tenured employees would have to correct, or worse, even redo the entire task.

Poor Office Management and Supervision

This is basically addressed to employees who are still new to the company. Just like a child, a new employee needs guidance, they need to be mentored so that they could grow and eventually be able to manage by themselves. However, if the company’s superiors or their direct supervisors won’t be able to coach them the right way, it will eventually reflect on the work that is done by the employee; which could be poor and unsatisfactory.

Solution: If you have a higher position, make sure to keep a good eye on your people and occasionally talk to them about their progress, their current state of mind, and whether or not they are having trouble understanding some parts of the work process. On the other hand, if you are the employee, don’t make it seem like you understand even if you don’t, reach out to them first and ask them the necessary questions.

Work Environment

There are two kinds of environment depending on how you’re adjusting to the work place. One is where you enjoy the floor and the other one where it keeps you distracted because you aren’t able to work with all of that noise.

Personal Issues

Let’s face it, there are companies that are very good with how they manage their employees and the training that they provide but still, your productivity says otherwise. In this case, you can’t put the blame on the company or its people anymore, this falls on you.

Problems or not, you need to remember to set aside what’s personal once you are in the office. The company is paying you to do your job and that is more than enough reason for you to compensate them in with your efforts in return.

Ways to Improve Productivity


Keep Desk Space Clean

When things get so busy we tend to just put things wherever we feel like it, which leads to our desks being messy and unrecognizable. Most of the time, when our eyes are overwhelmed with what it sees, it makes us feel that there’s still a lot that we have to do even if we already did quite a few things. In addition to that, if your space is in a mess, you won’t be able to completely focus on the tasks at hand.

Some of the things that you could do are to make sure that you have an organized desk. For example, have a space for incoming and outgoing files, separately so that even if you stack it up, you will be able to identify which is which. All in all, purchase quality office desk accessories such us paper trays to help you put things in their proper places.

Divide Your Workspace Into Zones

Of course, not all of your work will be centered onto your computer, there will be times where you will need to have a space for jobs that require manual labor, but more importantly, you need to have appropriate space for your paper works and other office supplies.

Prefer Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is a thing that have been exclusively designed in order to reduce fatigue. Although this might mean that you will have to spend more money, this will definitely increase your productivity because it can provide you comfort while you are working.

Other advantages of having ergonomic furniture in your office involve more on the health part. For example, there are swivel chairs with lumbar support for our back and there are also angled keyboards which help prevent Metacarpal Tunnel Syndrome, a syndrome which develops in the metacarpals of our hands. This syndrome can be hereditary but at times, it is caused by repetitive hand use and improper hand positioning over a long period of time.

The Power of Colors

There are some people who assign different colors to their tasks in order to identify which are urgent and which are not. This is very helpful especially on keeping in line with your deadlines. Aside from that, studies show that different colors can stimulate various behaviors. Have you ever heard about how most restaurants have the color red because it actually stimulates hunger? The same thing is applicable to your behavior at work, too.


There is a reason why it is highly recommended that you situate your work space in a naturally well-lit room. A room that is too dark or too bright can bring about a feeling of not wanting to finish what you are working on; and in a healthy point of view, it could probably strain your eyes.

Find Your Space

If you can’t invest in good furniture and equipment, we would suggest that you find your working space. Some companies allow their employees to do their work outside of their desks, take advantage of that and find a place where you could actually work without the distractions around.

But to be honest, all of these things just serve as help, if you do want to improve your productivity, you have to commit. Because even if you already have every equipment, fixtures, tools, and accessories, but you know that the motivation is not there, it will all be for nothing.

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